Finding Bargains, Make it at home affordably & Ice Cream!

Making it at Home as affordably as possible:


Kitchen gadgets and tools can be so pricey, but so necessary to helping you make your more affordable and healthier meals.

This can be essential when trying to eat with dietary restrictions. In attempts to heal an autoimmune, I’ve had to try a Low FODMAP diet and a Candida diet, which cannot really be done with prepackaged, prepared or restaurant food.

At least at home you know just what’s in what you prepared, but the right tools help make if happen.

Make a wish list of your most wanted items,

with their retail prices to help start your hunt. 

This list can help you keep in mind what you need when stopping at a garage sale or second hand store.

If you’re on FaceBook, there are usually local garage sale groups you can join. Then post ISO (In Search Of) and list the item and any important details. Also any email groups such as church, school, home school, sports groups, clubs–if allowed, you can ask around if anyone has an item they’d be willing to sell below retail prices. You’d be surprised to find someone just waiting to sell an item that’s been sitting in their house gathering dust. Also looking into refurbished or “dented & dinged discounted” items from a reputable source. My parents purchased their Vitamix refurbished on-line from the Vitamix company. We also have near us Restore, Habitat for Humanity’s store for large home products. Check out what they may have available. Get creative, pray for His wisdom to make sure it really is needed and necessary. God has blessed us so many times when we’ve waited, did some hunting and asking around, instead of an impatient impulse buy.

Bargain Hunting Tips:

  • Make a wish-list with retail prices
  • Post ISO on fb, garage sale groups…
  • Hunting at Second Hand Stores and garage sales
  • Ask friends and groups via email groups
  • Look into refurbished for bigger priced appliances
  • Pray asking for wisdom…

Some of my favorite cheap finds that WERE on my Wish-List:  $6 garage sale Rebounder ( an article on it’s benefits by Wellness Mama ) and $8 Ice Cream Maker.



Ice cream maker

Ice cream maker

Here’s my most recent creation made in the ice cream maker.

Homemade Blueberry Ice Cream

Due to rain at the end of our family camping trip to MI the pints of you-pick blueberries we usually get did not get to be picked and come home with us. That didn’t mean we couldn’t still make some yummy blueberry treats.  Costco’s organic frozen blueberries that were on sale were a great replacement to go with our farm fresh quarts of raw cream to make some fresh ice cream.

Frozen blue berries to become ice cream

Frozen blue berries to become ice cream

Going onto Pinterest looking for raw milk ice cream recipes, I didn’t have much success. Most were made with rice milk, almond or coconut milk. My Nourishing Traditions cook book showed me how not to cook the healthy-enzyme-filled cream. If you can’t find a raw milk source, a good alternative is Kalona dairy products. They are low temp vat pasteurized and un-hommonganized.

Drenda's Homemade Ice Cream

Drenda’s Homemade Ice Cream

Drenda’s Blue Berry Ice Cream

5 C. Raw Cream (or Kalona low-temp pasteurized cream)

1 C. Plain Yogurt ( We keep Kalona on hand for eating & for making whey)

3 C. Blue Berries, fresh or frozen

1 t. Vanilla

1 C. Sugar

2 T. Arrowroot

Mix all ingredients except 1 1/2 C. of blue berries in a blender.

Pour into ice cream maker then add the last 1 1/2 C. of blue berries.

Follow instructions on your ice cream maker.

Keep covered in freezer till ready to eat. To keep away freezer burn (if it lasts that long) place plastic wrap directly on top ice cream.

Love, love using my Vitamix to completely mix my ingredients and then simply pour into to my bargain find ice cream maker.

There you have a preservative-free healthy dessert.


Mama Drenda

Tell us about your bargain hunting tips.

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