Finding Local healthy pastured meats, dairy and eggs

Do you know where to look for nutrient dense meats and dairy?

One we use is Seven Son’s that is set-up as a monthly co-op, but you can also do as a home delivery.

They use sustainable farming practices and are based out of Indiana.

Seven Son’s pastured eggs

If you want to truly get the most nutrition from your foods,

then the animals and plants you eat need to have eaten nutritious food also.

The soil the plants grow in can’t be full of pesticides otherwise known as toxins and poisons if you will be consuming them. GMO foods have pesticides in their DNA.

We can’t eat foods grown in poisons and expect to have good health.

Finding local farms wanting to sell pastured  poultry and eggs or grass feed beef is a good start. Joining a Food Co-op can be helpful too. Besides the Seven Son’s we’re also part of Azure Standard also a monthly Food Co-Op.

Aldi even has a growing selection of organic fresh produce, so there are ways to eat organic non-gmo healthy foods on a budget.

Hunt around at local farmers markets to meet those in your area that grow and raise organic foods.

Check out Local Harvest’s site to find the farmer’s markets near you.

Enjoy eating food that is actually good for you,

Mama Drenda

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