growing in Whole foods

Growing a home garden, making food at home, shooting for organic and Non-GMO, traditionally prepared foods for better digestion, nutrition and better health; all while trying to do it affordably.

One of the easiest recipes to make when you first start making more foods from scratch is mayo. Homemade mayo is so inexpensive and quick, anyone could do it; yes you can do it.

homemade mayo made in the blender.

Easy homemade mayo.

Follow the link to the recipe……….Mayo Recipe.

Once you’ve become comfortable making some things from scratch,

here are more whole food recipes to try:

Homemade Red Sauerkraut in jars

Homemade Red Sauerkraut

Drenda's Homemade Ice Cream

Drenda’s Homemade Ice Cream

Drenda's Choco-Coco Power Bites ready for the freezer.

Drenda’s Choco-Coco Power Bites ready for the freezer.

•  Pumpkin Pie Protein Gummies

Raspberry Banana Chia Popsicles

Raspberry Banana Chia Popsicles

For those who enjoy gardening or at least pretty flowers in your yard. Planting a few perennials so you can enjoy each year some beauty just looking out your window. Include the kids in picking one or two flowers so they can feel a sense of ownership in caring for their plant or flower and home.

Here’s the lilies Chandrae planted a few years ago looking beautiful.

Bright beautiful day lilies in our yard

Bright beautiful day lilies in our yard

Mind you, we planted 2 other flowering perennials that did not come back. I’m so glad Chandrae’s survived.

Keep working at growing beautiful things, it is work; as is anything that’s worth having.