Growing the Whole family

Growing a family means you’re always in a flux of change,

and this is your moment to take the opportunities you have right in front of you to make cherished memories.


Staying involved with your spouse and children so you can be growing in your relationships together is vital.

One way we do that is in home schooling. This involves your children in the big picture of daily Life Skills.

Since the Teacher ( aka Mama ) has to coordinate school with meals, laundry, housecleaning, and all around home management, the students have to participate to make it all work.

Our school room

Our school room

A schedule has helped us stay on top of what needs to be done.

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Fun and laughter makes memorable moments, something I have to work at keeping in mind since my mind tends to focus on the next task to check off the list.

Game time, a family walk…. find you family’s fun.

Family Bible time, when you look into God’s Word together. Include any guests that you may have over to have really meaningful discusions too.

Making family memories doesn’t have to be an expensive get-away. Doing projects together around the house since there are always those Home To-Do lists.

Having five children, has reformed my perfectionist, first-born somewhat type A natural tendencies, and now I can happily have the kids help me paint a room or stain the deck!

Growing a home garden and including everyone can make it a meaningful whole family project.

Kids helping pick the veggies.

Kids helping pick the veggies.

The kids can help pick out some seeds or plants for your  garden. With instruction, they’re able to help with weeding, watering and harvesting.

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Our family enjoys creating art and crafts; we usually participate in our home school group’s annual craft fair.

The older kids with parents can help at the PADS homeless shelters in the fall and winter. The organization Feed My Starving Children allows children 6 and older help with packing food so our whole family helps there occasionally. Find a way to serve others to teach caring and sharing.

Find an activity that the whole family can enjoy taking part in and just do it.

  • Stay involved 

  • Daily shared Life activities

  • Do home projects together

  • Fun & laughter

  • Charities & hobbies

What are your favorite family moments?

Enjoy your family and each season you are in,

Mama Drenda