Do You Know How To Use Essential Oils?

Boost Your Immune System During The Busy Holidays

Here are some ways my family uses Essential Oils:


We use Peppermint oil diluted on the temples or base of the neck to help our head aches go away.

When we have a fever, a couple drops of Lavender oil and then a drop of Peppermint rubbed on the bottom of feet helps lower it.

2 of our natural meds

2 of our natural meds

Peppermint oil or Fennel oil rubbed on abdomen helps us relieve bloating, gas and nausea. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to dilute with an organic oil such as coconut oil, jojoba, almond or argan oil.

We diffuse a variety of essential oils like Orange, Clove, Cedar… to help get rid of our indoor dog and kitty odors.

Inhaling Peppermint oil helps us with concentration and recall.

Lavender oil or Cedar oil we use to help us relax or sleep better.

At the first sign of a cold or flu we’ll use Thieves on the throat to help fight off those nasty symptoms.

Another tool we’ll use:

Simple Immunity Syrup:

1 or 2 Lemons

1 t. of fresh grated Ginger

dash of Cayenne Pepper

1 t. Raw Honey

1 drop of Lemon or Orange Essential Oil (optional)

In a small jar, mix together the fresh squeezed lemon juice, fresh grated ginger, cayenne powder and raw honey.

Or add honey to the spoon and pour the Simple Immunity Syrup on top when you need it.

Use all organic ingredients for optimal health benefits.

This will keep in the fridge for at least 3 weeks.

Top quality essential oils are natural distilled plant materials that are therapeutic grade oils useful on your body and in.

Check out Young Living Essential Oils, or contact me for more information; I’d be happy to get you started using these Natural Medicine Tools that are good for you. (These statements are only personal testimonies of what my family does, I’m not a doctor.)

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I was so happy to stop buying aspirin for headaches and just use Peppermint or PanAway. We’re able to use Essential Oils for most aches and pains instead of a pill or petroleum-filled ointment. These oils are an investment that last a lot longer than most of the over-the-counter drugs and work exceedingly better.

We sometimes diffuse “Common Sense” “Clarity” or “Stress Away” for our home school to help us focus and enjoy learning.

E.O.’s are part of making a Whole safe and toxic-free Home.

Enjoy your Whole healthy God-given Medicines,
Mama Drenda

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