Ready for school?

 What is your vision for the school year?


Psalm 139:17 NIV

Psalm 139:17 NIV

As a home school family we get to choose our school starting date, which I haven’t exactly nailed down yet. Last year we started after Labor Day, but this year we’ll start in August since we’ll be taking a vacation at the end of September when there’s less crowds.

We have most of our curriculum and school supplies, but there’s more to getting ready for school then just the academic. Having a plan for your daily life for a whole school year can give some your home some peace.

What will you study? What extra books, games, and field trips will help the learning and the enjoyment along the way?

How will we grow character and respect in our home… And then how will it all fit in a daily routine. Take the time to pick the important visions and goals your family will focus on.

A schedule has become vital to getting school accomplished, chores, meals planned and made, and fitting in time for each person -even the dog.
Using Mangers of Their Home for the past three years has been a tremendous help and an eye opener. The scheduling process helped my see some of my unrealistic ideas of my daily to-do lists weren’t even, well realistic. It also taught me to make a time slot for my younger children early in the day so our school group time could go much smoother. I’ve found putting down a time early in the morning for me to take a walk with a friend or just me and the dog –he needs his training too, I could be a happier Mama and teacher.

If you are just starting out with real little students, relax, enjoy the flow and freedom of natural learning. As your children get older and have more school subjects to complete, classes out of the home, then a schedule for your family is vital.

At the end of summer, it takes roughly an entire day for me to create our daily schedule to be able to coordinate all five students to have time with me and computer time on our one computer. Each child needs an assigned time for computer Spanish and typing. Everything that needs to be done on a daily basis is plugged in. We all even take a turn weekly to brush and train the dog, Weekly each child gets a day to fix the family dinner. The schedule has to be coordinated with work schedules and outside-the-home classes. This process is well worth it so we all know what needs to be done and who’s turn is it for each task.

As a Christian family we are reminded that our plans are not necessarily God’s plans. Our schedule is not carved in stone. Things come up; there are Divine interruptions, usually thought of as an inconvenience. Your plan is a guide, yet keep it important enough to not just ignore it for any old reason which could bring disorder and squabbles.
Start with praying to the ultimate Project Manager with your spouse. Our Creator created this world and all it’s seasons, laws of nature, time and all the routines we take for granted as simply our daily life. Every season has it’s time, and He can help you order yours.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

Here’s a copy of how we’ve done our schedule:
School Schedule Master.

If you would like my help creating your own schedule, contact Mama Drenda


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