Soaking Nuts & Seeds

Adding seeds and nuts to your recipes, like my Choco-Coconut Power Bites, gives added minerals and protein.

You want your body to be able to digest seeds and nuts as easily as possible, and soaking can really help.

This is how I started soaking nuts, seeds, beans and some grains a few years ago.

Soaked nuts ready for drying.

Soaked nuts ready for drying.

Soaking Nuts for better digestibility

1/2 C. to 1 C. Nuts, raw: sunflower seeds, almonds, cashewswalnuts
1 +/- C. Water, filtered
Salt (optional, to your tastes)

Start with Raw nuts.
I usually am able to find them at Trader Joe’s or my food Co-op.
Take a medium canning jar and some netting. I used screen material. With kids and dogs, we have a whole roll on hand ready for replacing our window screens. I’ve also saved citrus net packaging.

Fill the jar half way with nuts and then fill with water a couple inches +/- from the top.
Cover by securing the ring of the jar over the screen. You can also use a rubber band instead.
Soak the nuts on your counter for 7 to 24 hours, replacing the filtered water once.
Simply pour out the water through the screen and refill with cool water.
Smaller and softer nuts may only need the 7 hours to soak.
After the soak time is done, pour out all the water and turn jar upside down on a plate till all liquid is out.
Spread out nuts onto a pan, preferably a stone ( like Pampered Chef ) sprinkle with salt.
Put into oven at the lowest temp possible, 150º – 170º is best.
If your oven doesn’t go that low, you can use a wooden spoon to prop open the oven door.
Depending on the size and quantity of the nut determines the length of drying time.
Any where from a few hours to half the day. Leave the oven on for an hour then turn off with the oven door shut for an hour and repeat till nuts are dried.
I love to soak sunflower seeds for sprinkling on salads. This adds not only flavor but protein and fat. Your body has to have fat to break down those fat soluble vitamins in that nutritious salad.

Soaked Cashews & Sunflower Seeds

Soaked Cashews & Sunflower Seeds

Soaking nuts and grains can help break down the phytic acid that is there to protect the seeds till conditions are ideal for planting/germination. That acid also can be hard on your digestion, and pull away minerals or block your enzymes. Learn more about phytic acid at the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Enjoy some satisfying & soaked snacks,

Mama Drenda

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